Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Opera Mini, the Best Mobile Browser Chosen by More Than 60 Million People

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The last time he surprised us, Work announced that it has reached the 30 million users. It was September last year, since the spotlight has never ceased to illuminate the famous Norwegian company the leading browser for mobile Web browsing
Last State of the Mobile WebLaunched every month from Opera , shows how users Opera Mini are growing ( thanks to ported to iPhone) . The number is impressive, over 61 million unique users worldwide and seems destined to grow more and more , particularly in developing countries .
Besides the number of clients , installed on mobile devices of every type and OS Mobile , Opera Mini has provided ( in May ) than on small portable screens 28 billion web pages almost 200% in the previous year . Curious purely statistical data : Indonesia is on top of the top 10 nations for traffic ,

BlackBerry OS 6.0: New Features

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The new operating system BlackBerry OS 6 There is shown several times on video screens and more detailed , but new features and a list of compatible terminals were revealed. The list of compatible BlackBerry 9300 adds new only Kepler, which will be launched directly OS 6, is also referred to the BlackBerry 8980 "Atlas . " As for new features revealed , they are :
    a context menu with graphical tables or tab a unified research framework that includes data associated with third-party applications multiple lists of contacts enhanced message list ( also with third-party applications ) Wi-Fi support LBS possibility of reverse geocoding support for the trackpad swipe gesture ability to scan bar codes 1D/2D improvement of self -focus

Electronic Arts Release Dates Until October

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Electronic Arts has released the list of release dates from now until next October. Here it is for you: 
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 ( PS3 , PC, X360 ) July 2, 2010
  • All Points Bulletin ( PC) - July 2, 2010
  • Fast Lane Stuff The Sims 3 (PC ) September 10, 2010
  • Madden NFL 11 ( PS3, X360 ) September 17, 2010
  • NHL 11 ( PS3, X360 ) September 17, 2010
  • Skyheroes MySims ( Wii , DS, PS3, X360 ) October 1, 2010
  • NBA Elite ( PS3, X360 ) October 8, 2010
  • NBA Jam ( Wii ) October 8, 2010
  • Medal of Honor (PC, PS3, X360 ) October 15, 2010

Creaceed release an SDK for speech recognition in iOS4

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The Belgian airline Creaceed has released a voice recognition system for iPhone apps and iPad. The development package is available in six languages: Italian, English , French , German , Dutch and Spanish.
CeedVocal SDK of Creaceed supports the recognition of individual words in a list of 5000 words. A highlight of CeedVocal is that it requires no training software by the user to recognize his voice. In this way , speech recognition is ready to be used since launching the application in which CeedVocal is included.
Developers can purchase a license is to write one application for an unlimited number of apps. The licensing model used does not include any royalty , even if CeedVocal SDK is integrated app fee .

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is There Blood in Your New iPhone 4?

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The new iPhone 4 carries with it certain social concerns relating to the policies of multinationals in Third World countries . Steve Jobs answered an email sent from someone concerned about ensuring that Apple requires its suppliers to use a few ( sic ) materials from areas in conflict. Click HERE to read full story

Kindle Also Released on Android

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Now Available for Android one of the more expected by many lovers of reading. Amazon 's online store unquestionable fame, also has announced the release of OS Google Kindle the forum for sale ebooks.
Whether it's good news , the show more than 620,000 books already available and ready for download, many thousands of them free. Many functions available in this first Release
  • automatic synchronization of the last page viewed and read through the notes of Service Whispersync ;
  • correction of text size, ability to add bookmarks, and display the notes you create on your Kindle to your PC or other devices compatible with the service ;
  • read both horizontally and vertically ;
  • click or scroll the pages to flip through the book.
Available free on Android Market and compatible with all devices with Android 1.6 or higher, Kindle also allows for Android :

Mac WPS: Geolocation Mac Via Wi-Fi Networks

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Which of you has a iPhone or iPod Touch is certainly aware of geolocation technology implemented without using a GPS device. The location, depending on the number of
wi-fi networks in the area, is less accurate than GPS, but generally is an excellent alternative.
There is no reason not to try the same technology is also on our Mac laptops (or even fixed, but would very little practical sense). The application is called Mac WPS and lets you know with a reasonable margin of error, in which area you are. The software is written in Cocoa and exploits libraries Apple Core Location of Snow Leopard. The maps are not those of Google.

Ovi Suite You Upgrade to Release 2.2 , User Interface Easier and Faster , Even on N900

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New version out a bit ' on the sly, for Ovi Suite the most useful application for managing the full range of web services and not offered by the Finnish manufacturer .
Announced numbers release the new version of Nokia includes the following improvements :
  • navigation and simplified user interface ;
  • full screen mode for viewing photos and video ;
  • the ability to download updated maps for Ovi Maps ;
  • basic support to 'N900 (finally!);
  • support synchronization with Microsoft Outlook 2010;
  • faster startup and improved support for proxies.
Ovi Suite is available at Ovi Suite and , for those who already have a version , by a notice displayed at the opening of the program.

Lawyer Seeks Class Action Against Apple for iPhone 4 Reception Problems

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A study of American legal test to be known against Apple filed a class action , leading to the motivation signal quality problems experienced with iPhone 4. If this case should be presented, will be classified as a "Potentially frivolous ( ie : potentially frivolous ) , to use terms with which Americans describe the most absurd allegations made in their courts. 
Those responsible for the firm are Kershaw , Cutter and Ratinoff , a typical " law firm " bully overseas , in the already notorious for representing clients against some of pestilential Zynga about Farmville notifications . When the firm would collect data on class actions and has not yet set in motion the heavy , short-sighted legal superstructure of the United States,

Monday, June 28, 2010

IOS Firmware 4.0.1 Incoming perhaps today ? The problem of " Death Grip "

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We've got to analyze the most common problems encountered after the upgrade of our iPhone IOS firmware 4 and, simultaneously, we also saw the problems facing the new iPhone 4, one of which was renamed Death Grip" challenge the iPhone 4 , having covered the lower left hand corner , would collapse the signal. Although techniques designed to solve the problem at the moment ( or the use of scotch tape ) it seems it is really a software issue .
Upgrading IOS 4 could therefore resolve this and other problems. We recall that many users of iPhone 3G, after the upgrade, have encountered a serious slowdown in the terminal , which would almost jerky. For any of you want to perform the IOS downgrade from 4 to 3.1.3 click HERE. The procedure, tested in first person , it is extremely simple and straightforward.

More Classics Coming to PS3 in HD ?

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It started with God of War Collection, which is a rerelease of the first two God of War games in high definition , and now comes The Sly Collection which is a reissue of the Sly Cooper games in high definition and with partial Move Control . There is however evidence that this is only the beginning. Curious ? Read more after clicked .
God of War Collection has , by all accounts , been a success for Sony , because it seems that Sly Cooper is not the only PS2 figure we will see in HD and partial Move Checked edition.

Video: Hands-on BlackBerry Curve 9300

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The authors of TechnoBuffalo they created a video , hands- on time that the prototype of reviews The BlackBerry Curve 9300. This model pre-production, meant to replace the BlackBerry 8500, is branded T - Mobile UK and seems to work , at least in this video , with OS 5.
Compared to its predecessor , the keyboard seems to have been improved, the side buttons are more graceful and better integrated into the design of the terminal and the major differences are mainly aesthetic level ( more curvilinear design , metal outline more convex upper side of the phone changed.)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hold the iPhone 4 Funny: You're Doing it Wrong!

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We have already talked about the problems of the iPhone 4, in particular that of the receipt which decreases dramatically gripping the phone and touch the lower left side of the body. The problem was immediately dubbed by the people of the Internet “Death Grip”, sparking a fun i collected some of the pictures until now widespread.

Hitler Reaction to iPhone 4 Antenna Problem

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This video shows the reaction of Hitler when he finds out the new iPhone 4 has antenna problem.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The End of Mac OS X?

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This is not the end of Apple, but only the probable end of the name Mac OS X to designate the operating system marketed by Cupertino since 2001. Apparently , a well-informed source informed the French blog MacBidouille Apple intends to change its name to the operating system at home , following the model As done for IOS 4.
The final decision has not yet been taken and it is only a rumor but it appears that Apple are taking the problem by planting the new operating system name . The general idea is to exploit the open line with iPhone OS, ie to exploit the name of IOS for all Apple operating systems .

What If the iPhone 4 Ends up in Blender?

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As usual back on the scene for this funny guy Tom Will It Blend ?. After seeing the 'iPad smoothie is the time of new iPhone 4 why not. Tell the truth , you were wondering why we put so much Tom . Fear not , here are satisfied .
The blender , archenemy of all apple products , back bothersome . This time the plot of the video is more dense but the question is always the same: Will It Blend?
Check the video below;

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Solution at no Cost to iPhone4 Reception Problems

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With the release of new iPhone4, users have continued reports of problems with new hardware. One of the most troublesome is the reduction of signal, reported by many users.
The decrease in score is due to short circuit created by contact of the palm of your hand with two sections of the metal edge of external antennas iPhone separated by a groove black.
A very simple and cheap we are by Kit Eaton Fast Company. The basic idea is to isolate the antenna side that more troublesome a piece of scotch. A solution of half a cent to a device from 599 euros!
Here are the steps:

Internet Explorer 9 Makes Good Shape in HTML5 Test

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Get the latest developer version of Microsoft's browser. Microsoft was previously disparaged to ignore the standards, but with IE9 suggest something that we can count on a browser that takes the latest web technology quality.
A quick test of Internet Explorer 9 shows that the running HTML5 as one of the best browsers in its class.
Microsoft sent the third test version of IE9 the streets this week quickly got hardware acceleration credit. So did Microsoft support for canvas tag in HTML5. Now it turns out to browser HTML5 settlement generally is remarkably good. has made several comparison tests with Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE9. They can be seen in the videos below.

Twenty Different Fighting Styles in Black Panther : Yakuza New Chapter

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Black Panther, Chapter of Yakuza PSP , looks more and more juicy and interesting. This time SEGA betrays some details about the combat system which will include a large number of different techniques.
Tatsuya Ukyou, Protagonist of the game, it can count on the beauty of twenty different fighting styles, through which can easily get rid of any rival.
SEGA has released images of four styles in question: The brawling , boxing, karate and pro wrestling, Each characterized by a different set of attacks and a unique balance between shots and takes. Enjoy the images.

RIM BlackBerry Released Financial Results For Q1 FY11

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RIM has released financial results for Q1 FY11 , a period during which it sold the 100 millionth BlackBerry smartphone . Despite the achievement should be considered that more than half of these 100 million smartphones were sold in the last 18 months, which attests to the exponential growth of the company recently.
Also interesting is the placement of RIM in the top 4 of IDC's mobile phone manufacturers worldwide and the " certificate " to be the only company in the top 5 focused on the smartphone. Despite the enormous growth in the consumer market , RIM continues to hold the head of the enterprise market with more than 90% of the Fortune 500 with the BlackBerry solution.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

iPhone: Downgrade from iOS 4 to iOS 3.1.3

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I have red many people commented on different websites that their iPhone 3G (S) has slowed down after upgrading from iOS 3.1.3 to iOS 4. While surfing over the internet i found a really good post which will help you guys to get rid of iOS 4 and you can downgrade your device to previous iOS. Follow the LINK for detail steps of downgrading your phone. This will really help you.

Apple Admits Problems With the Production of White iPhone 4

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With a official statement Apple has acknowledged technical problems in the production of four white iPhone models , to define more complex than expected. That the 24th, when the iPhone will reach 4 officially on the shelves, will only blacks. The white models will be available only from mid- July. The availability of the black model , which according to Apple would be more popular than white , but is confirmed in time.
Meanwhile some users among the lucky ones who have already received an iPhone 4, have noticed some brown or yellow spots on the retina of their display device. This would be a small number of users : of course , given the lack of announced iPhone 4 in stock , there is hope is not a bad game ,

iPhone 4 Competitor Motorola Droid X

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After Official Launch of which we have spoken this morning , now we can talk about all the technical features of the Motorola Droid X, the new smartphone battle of society. Large 127.5 x 65.5 x 9.9 mm , weighs 155 grams and has a large 4.3 touchscreen display with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. The camera , however, is 8 -megapixel camera with autofocus and double LED flash is capable of recording 720p HD .
Being the exclusive with Sprint , currently supports U.S. networks , not missing WiFi. Processor : 1 GHz, while the internal memory is 8 GB with 16 GB microSD included in the package. Do not miss the A- GPS, magnetometer ,

Samsung Phone Windows 7: Hands On The Prototype

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Almost vanished into thin air, the Windows 7 Phone should appear after the Summer and proliferate in various forms and colors. One of these is the prototype of which is based sull'Omnia Samsung i8910 with an experimental hardware that will never see the light on the market.
Second engadget WM7 tests are going well and Microsoft staff is beginning to use a Windows Mobile Phone as seven staff . Obviously, the software shows a little ' bug (there are two months to fix ) but the speed and fluidity of the system seems to be more than good .

IOS 4 : All the Problems Encountered So Far

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Following 4 iPhone review with first impressions running IOS 4 analysis points to some of its best ( the foldersThe multitasking and lock screen rotation) , the bugs and problems with the firmware update has been made to wait . Consulting the complaints / requests for help / opinions from users on the Internet, I collected the most common problems after updating with IOS 4.
The first problem , manifested in many users now , concerns the timing of the firmware update : After connecting to iTunes for backup and synchronization , updating the iPhone asked for hours . In some cases particularly unlucky , the iPhone has restarted during the procedure, forcing him to start over .

iFixit Disassemble the New iPhone 4

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Accomplice to the " loss " of the prototype of the hardware 'iPhone 4 no longer has many secrets to hide, to the point that it puts Apple in the video also exposes the official presentation, but iFixit did not shirk its duty : Remove any new Apple product to show all the internal components .
On the back of the iPhone 4 you can read the model number A1332 , curiously lower than the model number A1337 dell'iPad 3G , and is no longer an indication of the cut of memory, 32 GB model that analyzed by iFixit stops 6.29 GB in real .
Unscrewing the two screws next to the dock connector can be removed rear panel which integrates an antenna. Inside is placed battery Polymer Lithium 3.7 V 1420 mAh and easily removable .
Disassembly reveals a new rear camera 5 megapixel , the front camera, speaker which is also the antenna and the additional microphone at the top of the phone to cancel background noise.
Incredible density of components on both sides of the logic board , among which the processor Apple A4 and to the left of the gyro AGD1 manufactured by ST Micro.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Video Review: iPhone 4 Hands-on

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Following , in particular, the focal points of the review of Engadget , we get a first overview of the overall impressions of the new iPhone 4. The general opinion is more than positive , we have to wait for further hands-on and the chance to fix it in person.

Steve Jobs : Nothing Wallpaper on the iPhone 3G IOS 4

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Who has updated its iPhone 3G to version IOS4 will certainly have noticed that not all new features for newer models are usable , first of all the multitasking performance for obvious reasons , but inexplicably fails even the ability to set a background image.
Erica , a reader of Gizmodo, wrote directly to Steve Jobs requesting details :

Hello Steve! I just upgraded to my iPhone

Twitter for iPhone: The New Integrated Functionality iOS4

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Recall that some time ago Twitter has acquired the company Atebits , account development Twitter for iPhone popular , Tweetie . Since then many have wondered what future there would be for the application, with the terror that was updated more slowly. This does not seem to have come true : Twitter for iPhone now reached version 3.0.1 , with support for the IOS firmware 4 and the new iPhone 4.
Twitter for iPhone is officially the first application to integrate new and useful features of the operating system just launched , not limited to compatibility:

iPhone 4 Meet Soaring Expectations

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The first reviews of Apple's new phone can now read in American media. They are almost all glowing positive. If critics are right, Apple has really shot the parrot.

"There is no reason to talk around it. iPhone 4 in our assessment the best smartphone on the market. The combination of the stunning new hardware, the incredible display, the new cameras and the key improvements of the operating system makes [ the iPhone 4 ] for an extremely compelling product , " writes Engadget .
The site provides further that testeksemplaret iPhone 4 was less inclined than its predecessor to lose the connection, albeit Engadget had connection problems at the location shown ill nationwide AT & T network in New York.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Comparison: Samsung S Galaxy vs iPhone 3Gs in Photos

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As promised here is the photo gallery comparison Samsung S Galaxy and iPhone 3G. In terms of design focuses on the broad S Galaxy Super Screen AMOLED (Here a comparison video) 480 x 800 resolution and maintains a thickness and weight despite the 4 -inch display .
also reduced bone buttons : the left side is the volume control on the right the power button and lock the screen and three buttons below the display between the two touch " options " and " back " . On top complete the design of the smartphone and the input 3.5mm jack microSD .

Adobe Flash 10.1 Available

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To general surprise, Adobe just released Flash 1.10  for many platforms (including Mac OS X) And all smartphones fitted with Android 2.2. The Flash Platform has been "completely redesigned and optimized " According to the release of Adobe. Ported to other mobile systems was also announced by the company , which includes Flash Mobile for BlackBerry , Palm webOS , Windows 7 Phone , LiMo , Symbian and Meego .

Follow Techpediia on Twitter

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To stay up to date with the news of Techpediia you can follow us on Twitter by clicking the icon below
Twitter Button from

BlackBerry OS Firmware Update: The Situation

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After seeing the various firmware leaked or official BlackBerry recap what's Square for when deals with updates of the BlackBerry OS .

Waiting for those with an OS 6.0 Storm 2 ( including me) you will have to " settle " the latest official version : OS download here.
Official firmware for BlackBerry Bold 9700In this case we can choose OS or If any of you have tried them , as between the two ?
Awaiting a response close with the BlackBerry Curve 8530 is updated with the underhand leaked version of OS

Apple Releases IOS 4

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Apple has just released IOS 4. The new operating system is the most ambitious of that carried out in Cupertino : 1500 new APIs for developers and over 100 new features for end users . The multistasking is certainly the most important news .
IOS 4 is compatible with iPhone 4. The iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2nd generation will enjoy the operating system , although some features are unavailable to them .

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ovi Store Update in Progress ... What New to Expect ?

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With an elegant statement on blog and the pages of official Facebook, Nokia did know the whole world to be at work on their " big box " Ovi Store.
Came after the success of Apple, The store software the Finnish giant is now being updated . It is not known what the changes implemented. However , we expect the long awaited Ovi Store 2.0 already announced a while ago in line with the road map .
Hopefully it is not easy to maintain (unlikely ) and that among the possible novelty is introduced simplified system for updating content is currently not present but which could bring benefits to end users. We await the surprise in the coming hours (perhaps an interface like the video above) that port Nokia's in store for us. What you guys are expecting?

The First App with IAD Appear on the App Store

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Appeared on App Store the first applications that support IAD , the advertising platform Apple for mobile devices.
Forward the company is affiliated to the U.S. yellow pages , yellow pages , has upgraded a number of applications on the App Store American , to make them compatible with IAD . app offers free research forward , as OneTap Movies, Showtimes , Munch , and the same AirYell Yellow Pages.
Since July 1, 2010 , IAD will be activated for all devices IOS 4. Meanwhile, the app will show blank spaces where the banner ads appear . It is interesting to note that the note on updating the app Avanta quoted at first integration of the IAD, but now speaks only of " minor bug fixes . "

Motorola Droid 2: Hands-On Video First Review

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The Motorola Droid 2 would be a great successor to the Motorola Droid / Milestone first call , at least according to what we learn today. The Droid 2 draws attention to the network for weeks now , including rumors , photos stolen and the first confirmation. After confirmation Droid X, Show Friday with an ad, instead of today we Droid 2. The difference between the two models is virtually in keyboard physical QWERTY: X does not possess the Droid , Droid the second does.
Android and Me created the first video hands-on in the world with the terminal in question , offering a first look overall at the terminal. Addressing as a first feature that aestheticThe review can see that the Droid 2 is very similar to the first Droid / Milestone both in physical size , weight , and form. Both use the same battery.

Windows Live Messenger for iPhone

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Microsoft released Windows Live Messenger app for iPhone iPad and iPod touch. This is the fourth app released by Microsoft for IOS after Seadragon Mobile, Microsoft Tags and search engine Bing.
Live Messenger for iPhone is first and foremost application Instant Messaging that connects users to the network Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. Were also integrated some features of social networks as Facebook, Flickr and MySpace and the possibility of sharing with your contacts photos taken at the time.
Access to Hotmail is also integrated into the application. With Windows Live Messenger app you can then see your Mail Hotmail and respond, as well as compose new mail. The arrival of new mail is notified by the application, with a short message.
Windows Live Messenger for iPhone is compatible with IOS 4, Which will be released today by Apple.

Xcode 4: The Novelty of the New Development Environment Apple

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During WWDC 2010 Apple has a preview of the new integrated development environment Xcode 4 dedicated to application developers for Mac OS X and IOS.
The main change from previous versions is the new graphical interface that contains all the functionality in a single window by streamlining and simplifying access to various tools, including, at last, bulider the interface with their property inspector.
The upper part of the IDE very reminiscent of the graphical interface of iTunes with a small LCD screen for reporting states and the navigation bar that allows easy access to various screens and to its functionality through a dynamic pop-up appears at the selected item.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Secret Anti-Trojan Update OS X

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Last Mac OS X 10.6.4 update this was an undocumented patch to fix a door left open to potential malware.
In particular, has been updated to secretly XProtect.plist file that contains information to identify potential hazards Mac OS X. XProtect.list now includes the information necessary to identify HellRTS, Sophos identified as a trojan OSX / Pinhead-B and is distributed disguised as iPhoto.
The update has not gone unnoticed, though not present in the release notes. Graham Cluley of Sophos has indicated as of this update has fixed a vulnerability in the system.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Facebook Updates Its Application For iPhone and iPod Touch

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Facebook has finally released the new version of its app for iPhone and iPod touch after six months of waiting. This is a new weight, given that Facebook is one of the most used app in the mobile world. Among the proposed improvements with this release, support for video is undoubtedly the most important.
In the new version of the Facebook app for iPhone and iPod touch you can see the shared video. Now you can see and write on the wall of the events and upload photos 720 pixels wide. Many are also bugs fixed. Among these it is impossible to comment on a photo came through notifications, the limit of a certain size to upload photos and order the months of birthdays.
Currently, the version for iPad was not granted. Unfortunately, owners iPad can use the Facebook app mode only grainy "double-pixels.

Gesture With Additional JiTouch 2

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jitouch 2 is a OS X that allows you to extend the capacity of the number of gestures interpreted operating system. The video below shows some things that you can easily get started with using the software.
Navigate between different pages open with your browser, open links in new tabs, and more is now possible. Clearly these are features to be used with confidence takes some 'time to be stored, although should increase significantly, the operating speed of the user.
jitouch 2 is compatible with all Apple laptops equipped with multi-touch interface and also with the Magic Mouse. It 'available for Leopard and Snow Leopard FREE for a trial period. The cost of the license is $5,99. Checkout the video.

Mac Mini: The End of Apple TV?

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Apple a few days, updating its online store, has announced the New Mac Mini. This is a computer Compact size (more compact than its predecessor) and good performance.
For years we wondered what could overlap one another Mac Mini and Apple TV and for years the answer was not "totally" because some features in one device and another missing. The previous version of the Mac Mini could not easily be connected to a TV household (less than DVI). Apple TV was not equipped with a real operating system: no keyboard, no mouse.
In both cases, with a little 'ingenuity could overcome the lack of desired functionality.

Friday, June 18, 2010

EU Elected To Save Google Searches

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Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo should store data on Internet searches to combat child pornography. It believes the EU's elected representatives in the EU Parliament. The proposal is part of a Written Statement by two Italian and Slovak politicians have now been supported among their colleagues.

There is however evidence that a proportion of EU politicians do not have guessed what they signed up. The Declaration aims to combat child pornography and one of the ways is to expand the data retention directive "to include search engines to quickly and effectively respond to child pornography and sexual abuse on the Internet." Pre forcing it controversial Directive ISPs and telecommunications companies to store information about telephone calls, SMS and IP addresses that Internet activity.

MobileMe Now Includes Updated Find My iPhone

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After a service outage a couple of hours, the site of MobileMe reappears online, enriched with a new and more aesthetically pleasing interface. They have been renovated numerous features of the page, including MobileMe Mail, and was added to the Find My iPhone app.
The entire page is now equipped A new navigation bar . On the right is the user name and left the blue-white cloud of MobileMe. From this cloud, it is the navigation bar that lets you switch between applications in Mac style Find My iPhone now appears among the MobileMe app on the line than they did on iTunes and Connect Mobile Application App Store, available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with IOS 3.1.3 or higher. The app allows tracking of any mobile device on which registered MobileMe account.

Apple Launches the iPhone to Find My IOS

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The service Find My iPhone that allows an iPhone to locate lost or stolen, there is some time, but it is accessible only through the web interface MobileMe.
Apple today released the mobile application on the App Store to Find My iPhone available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with IOS 3.1.3 or higher ..
Clearly, the application must be installed on a device other than the one that will locate and through it you can:

Sencha Touch: A Framework For Mobile Devices HTML5

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Company Sencha (formerly known as ExtJS) has just released Sencha TouchThe first platform specifically designed to create apps for mobile devices with HTML5, CSS3 using widely capabilities and Javascript. Sencha Touch is multi-platform, which was designed to be compatible with IOS and Android, not to mention that in the future is no support for other operating systems.
Sencha is defined Touch a framework HTML5 by its creators. The reasons are all there.

Motorola Droid X Officially Presented by Verizon

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Verizon Wireless has finally ended the rumors and confirmed the imminent release of the new Motorola Droid, Which will be launched with the final name of Motorola Droid X (not Motorola Shadow Motorola or Xtreme as previously thought, creating some confusion).
The Droid X is indeed appeared on the official website of Verizon with "coming soon."
The technical characteristics confirmed by Verizon, we know that the Droid X 4.3 inch display, HDMI output and a "screen 720p", which translates into a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels or, probably, the phone turns video HD 720p and Verizon was wrong to write.

Microsoft's New Gaming Technology Is So Good

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LOS ANGELES: forthcoming Microsoft's motion sensitive controller for the Xbox 360, Kinect, fun, impressive and feels at times quite magical, but it is not aimed at hardcore gamers and technology still needs to be refined.
It is the first impression after having played a couple of hours with Kinect at this year's E3 show in Los Angeles. Kinect using an advanced camera to keep track of your movements, facial expressions and your body language and turns as it were, you controller. There is a built-in microphone so you can use voice commands, and the whole idea is that you do not have to think about the buttons on game pads and remote controls.

Original Xbox360 VS Slim Xbox360

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What you see below is an image comparison between the original version of the Xbox 360, currently in our homes, and X360 Slim coming to market next July 16 with smaller, 250GB hard drive and integrated WiFi 802.11n for the same price today.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Arrive First App Compatible With The Multitasking IOS 4

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Apple has begun the approval of applications compatible with new features IOS 4 first of all multitasking. The first application of widely disseminated to support the new IOS 4 appears to be Dropbox (App Store link), Updated during the previous night.
Dropbox is a cross-platform software (free basic version) for sharing and automatic synchronization of files on the web. From now on Dropbox iPhone and iPod touch supports multitasking IOS 4 of retrieving the application in exactly the state in which it had left without waiting for any start-up time.
It should be emphasized that multitasking IOS 4 is not proper. In order not to encroach too much on battery power, in fact, Apple has limited multitasking seven different services that work in the background depending on the type of application. After the jump find the complete list with a brief description.

Microsoft Ready With New Hotmail Version

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Now Microsoft is ready with a new version of Hotmail, which is closer integration with social networks. Microsoft has officially launched the new version this version is rolled out to all users over the next six weeks.
The new Hotmail integrate content and functionality from a variety of websites. Get instance. an email with content from Facebook, Flickr and Youtube, you can answer friend requests and view movies and photos directly into Hotmail, without having to navigate to another website.
Microsoft has also integrated its Windows Live Skydrive in Hotmail, so you can send up to 200 pictures on each 50 MB - in a single mail.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

God of War: Ghost of Sparta - Debut Trailer

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Kratos has appeared again during the Sony's Conference E3 2010 with the video debut of the next title in the series planned for the PSP platform.
God of War: Ghost of Sparta is placed chronologically between the first two chapters released on PS2 and the plot will start right after God of War. After defeating Ares, Kratos discovers that his new powers are not sufficient to stop the nightmares that continue to haunt him. To get rid of the ghosts that haunt his memories, Kratos will set off on a journey that will reveal the source of his dark past. 
God of War: Ghost of Sparta is in development at Ready at Dawn (The same as God of War: Chains of Olympus) And will be available from PSP 'Autumn 2010. Here's the movie's debut trailer of GOW Ghost of Sparta.

iPhone 4: 600,000 Bookings In One Day

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Only yesterday they started pre-orders for iPhone 4 in the U.S. and some European countries, and today Apple states I have received over 600,000 bookings in one day.
Precisely for this request exceeded expectations, the company apologized for some malfunctions in the reservation system on-line: "Many customers have had to abandon the process frustrating: we apologize to anyone who has encountered difficulties,

The Next Generation of iPad Will Display the Retina?

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iPad is on sale for less than three months, but already one begins to talk about the second generation of the Apple tablet.
The starting point for speculation on the adoption of Retinal Display Dell iPad it also provides the same Apple. In a note addressed to developers shows the naming convention to use for the icon is a standard resolution, both for its high-resolution version.
Well, the same naming convention is used by Apple for system icons made at standard resolution for the iPhone 3Gs and high resolution for the iPhone 4, which, as is well known, take a display with a resolution 4 times greater than that of previous generations.

Video: Flash on iPhone and iPod Touch

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Flash running on iPhone and iPod touch, i am not crazy, but it is a reality, or so it seems. A video created and distributed by Comex, the hacker who created the Spirit for iPad jailbreak, iPhone and iPod touch shows how he managed to run the "real" Flash content directly on Apple devices.
The authoritative source assures us that this is a fake, the hacker himself points out what is shown in the video is a preliminary release.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The iPhone 4 White Will Come During The Summer

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Now you can order iPhone 4, but only the black. The white color will be available later, probably this summer. Rumors network already in circulation for several hours, but this morning we had the confirmation directly from Apple.
As well as presenting new Mac Mini and to announce the iPhone 4 adjusted prices upward than previous generations of the iPhone by, in countries where Apple Online Store can already pre-order the new iPhone 4 appeared the words: "The white iPhone is currently available for ordering.

Resolution iPad, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS

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The image you see above shows the resolutions of the three mobile devices that Apple currently on the market: iPad, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. The order of presentation is based on the resolution. As you can easily see, despite the new iPhone 4 is physically very close to the size of the iPhone 3GS, has a resolution that is almost equal to that dell iPad.
The ability to see many more pixels, while maintaining a display of size similar to the iPhone 3GS has the advantage of facilitating the use of iPhone applications on iPad. All new applications, those that will be designed taking into account the new resolution will be large enough to make use of space 2x zoom mode when you want to use iPad.

Microsoft Ready With New Xbox360

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Microsoft has given game console Xbox360 a strong overtaking both internally and externally.

The new Xbox 360 is dressed in shiny black and looks, according to the first journalists who have visited the hardware, absolutely delicious and sexy.
The first sign PES goes out also that Microsoft has at least partially right when it claims to have dealt with noise problems in the gaming console. Despite the lower cabinet has the console now only a blow against the former two, and the sound level is below the "silent".
The new Xbox will cost $ 299. The old versions will continue a while yet - as long as they are in stock - and can be acquired with special discount.

Monday, June 14, 2010

AT & T Apologizes For Hacking Incident

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Victims of hacker attack suffered by AT & T last week, that the unfortunate owners iPad which was stolen email address through a flaw in a script of the company, at this time received an email directly from U.S. carriers.
In the message, in addition to apologizing for the incident, AT & T provides some details on this story:The Hackers have created a software capable of generating random numbers similar to the serial numbers of SIM AT & T iPad - called integrated circuit card identification (ICC-ID) - and have questioned a page on the site of AT & T. When an ICC-ID generated corresponding to an original ICC-ID, the page log-in appeared to the email address associated ICC-ID.
So to avoid the worst AT & T was forced to remove the offending scriptAnd now you want to authenticate users on the site of the carriers are required to also enter your e-mail. The email ends then ensuring that no data was stolen outside email addresses: No password, no message content, no other personal and private.

New Traffic Record on the Web

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Friday sat internet traffic to the world's news sites, a new record with nearly 12.1 million visitors in minutes. It tells Akamai performing measurements of the global network traffic. During the day increased Internet traffic hour by hour and peaked during the match between Mexico and South Africa and at the same high level during the match between France and Uruguay.
The previous record was set during the presidential elections in the U.S. in 2008, which recorded 8.5 million visitors per minute during the busiest period of the news services. On a normal day, no more than 1-2 million visitors per minute.

HTC Fight Back Against Apple

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Apple abusing HTC's patents, says the charge from the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer. Now indicate the U.S. trade body, The International Trade Commission that it would open an investigation of whether the accusation has nothing on it. It writes Reuters.

HTC accused Apple in May to abusing five patents. They are related to both hardware and software, among other techniques to manage. HTC has demanded a ban on imports into the United States against Apple products.
The Taiwanese mobile developer's counterattack was expected after Apple in March accused HTC of infringing 20 patents.

Natal Will Be Called Kinect

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Now the highly publicized Project Natal for the Xbox 360 got its official name.
There are huge expectations for Microsoft Project Natal, where a camera to record the player's movements in front of the screen, which is converted into control signals to the games. Natal comes to Xbox 360 later this year.
Now Natal then got its official name. The big game trade show E3 opens its doors on 15th June in California and Microsoft with a major press conference tomorrow, but already pre-software company announced the new name of Natal: Kinect. It alludes presumably to the word kinetic, so moving.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Adobe Puts Turbo On The New Flash Player

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Adobe has just launched version 10.1 of Flash Player, and although the version number suggests that there is only a small update, this is actually done quite a lot of interesting changes. The new version will offer higher performance and lower energy consumption, especially on the Mac platform. Jobs has famously complained that Flash runs too badly and consumes too much battery power, especially on the Mac. Therefore, Apple does not support Flash on the iPhone and IPAD.The new Flash Player 1.10 runs under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, the mobile versions are still missing. There is however an Android-beta version of Android Market.

Adobe says that we now have created a common runtime that runs on both desktop and mobile platforms. Flash Player should now run faster and uses less memory.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Camera Images From iPhone 4

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Some might suggest that Apple is really proud of the camera in the upcoming iPhone 4 at the presentation did Apple head Steve Jobs to great lengths to tell that you have made the sensor physically larger and thus kept the size of individual pixels. In this way achieve better handling of image noise, and can generally get more detail in the pictures.
On the product page for the new mobile, Apple has published six camera images from the phone in full size. The images are direct from the phone and Apple writes on the page, they have not tampered with them afterwords.

Friday, June 11, 2010

First Image of Nokia C7

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The C7 Nokia makes its first appearance on the network through the shots. The smartphone has a capacitive multi-touch wide screen 3.5 ".
Equipped with Symbian 3 rd ed. had an eight megapixel camera with LED flash. Now we have to wait for the formalization.
Checkout the pictures below;

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is iPhone4 Born With Antenna Problem?

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"Its never been done before and its really cool engineering." How Steve Jobs introduced the metal frame on the new iPhone because the phone the other day was revealed to the wondering world. The frame serves as the phone antenna.
But the fact is the principle behind the iPhone 4-antenna system is far from new. And possibly it is even so problematic that it will reduce the phone's performance.
One of the leading experts when it comes to mobile phone antennas, is Professor Gert Frolund Pedersen from Aalborg University's Department of Electronic Systems.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2K Games: The Games At The Fair E3

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2K Games has released the list of titles that will be presented to the forthcoming E3 2010 in Los Angeles:
  • Mafia II (August 24, 2010)
  • Sid Meier's Civilization ® V (Fall 2010)
  • Spec Ops: The Line (2011)
  • XCOM (2011)
  • NBA 2K11 (Fall 2010)
  • NHL ® 2K11 (Fall 2010)
  • New Carnival Games (Fall 2010)
  • Nickelodeon Fit (November 2010)
Of course, as with every major publisher of respect, we imagine that there is room for some surprise announcement.

Google Promises Fresher Results

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In its official blog Google tells that they have built a completely new indexing system codenamed Caffeine, which will provide 50 percent fresher results than the former system. When searching on Google as the search takes place as we know not of the network, but Google's own search index, Google's own mirror image of the network and can be compared with ordfortegnelsen in a book.
But this index will never be an accurate copy of the network of Web pages change constantly with new information - so the index is in principle obsolete as soon as it is complete.

Nokia: 17 New Phones are Coming in 2010

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Image represented the house is lovely, especially shows that the leaks. This house "built" from Nokia (2010) has its foundation based on Symbian and a roof paved by Meego, with an interesting chimney composed of the S-series. Most of the bricks that make up the roof prefix N8. The N9 is almost certainly the result all'N900 and the first device with the Meego new OS.
This leaves you amazed that it is the presence of the entire series business-class E7, C7 mainstream, social and X7, which until now had not been announced vetoes minimally, although mentioned in the top of each series, thus indicating increased functionality and lower prices high.
Another thing interesting is the revelation of the S-series

Apple Shuts Google Out

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Apple is at war mood at the moment. First went apple producer in the clinch with Adobe because of Flash and now it seems that Apple is moving in close combat with Google. The battlefield is advertising on mobile phones.
Here, the parties have previously crossed swords, as both companies showed interest in the company admob who have found a good way to put advertising on mobile sites and apps. Google ended up buying admob for billions.

Apple Launched iPhone4

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As most people had expected, so has Steve Jobs published the next iPhone from Apple. The name is iPhone 4, and it offers several new features.
The first novelty is the design has become more edgy, but also a lot thinner. In fact, the iPhone just four 9.3 millimeter thick, which is 24 percent thinner than the iPhone 3GS. It is, according to Steve Jobs the thinnest smartphones on the market.

Made Of Glass and Steel
Both sides are made of glass and frame are made of stainless steel. And the edges or cracks in the side, people have wondered about the fact that Apple has used the steel frame as an antenna. This should allow a better connection. We are pleased to see if fits. Along with the new improved connection is also noise suppression using two microphones, which then would provide better sound quality during conversations. Just as we have seen it at Nexus One.