Monday, July 19, 2010

Windows 7 Phone is a Dead Herring

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We have unfortunately not yet even been able to take a closer look at Windows 7 Phone. A foreign site, believe that Microsoft's new operating system is hopeless.
Back in February Microsoft presented their brand new and different operating system Windows Phone seventh There are virtually no similarities with the old Windows Mobile operating systems, and the interface is known as Metro- interface, which Microsoft also makes use of the acclaimed media player Zune. But an early assessment of Windows 7 Phone is mildly not so good.
Wasting Time and Money
Galen Gruman from the site InfoWorld had a longer presentation of Windows 7 Phone at Developer Conference Mobile Beat, and he is not to say the least enthusiastic about what he saw:
Windows 7 Phone is a waste of time and money. It is a platform no operator, producer, developer or user should bother with. Microsoft should kill it before it reaches the market, and admit that they are out of the mobile market forever, Gruman writes.
Cumbersome Interface
He was not much for the new interface , built by so-called tiles instead of application shortcuts , and writes that it is too cumbersome to navigate around in. He even writes that Windows 7 Phone seems like something that Microsoft has developed as competitor to the original iPhone from 2007 , let alone have seen that the mobile world has moved on since then.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Apple Will Sell iPhone 4 Redesigned in October?

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The part of the keynote that I like most is the questions from the press. Although very rich in ideas , usually is never covered by the blog theme . This time , when press conference by Apple to clarify issues relating to the reception, I take this occasion to focus attention on a question, and particularly on its response.
A colleague Bloomberg Connie has asked Steve Jobs: " Why September 30, 2010 as the deadline ? "and the answer was the CEO "We're just waiting and seeing , perhaps we could have better ideas. It 's just a way to re-evaluate it in September."
Bumper iPhone 4 free for those will be only until September 30 . It ' possible that Apple has already solved the problem of the antenna with a slight redesign of the design (perhaps internal only ).

Steve Jobs Says All Smartphones Are Not Good

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Returning from vacation from Hawaii, Jobs decided to clarify once and for all this question of     iPhone4 reception problems.
Apple CEO has started the conference by declaring that smartphones are not perfect. All phones do not take well if touched at some point. He did show evidence of competition on some phones. Proves that it did turn up your nose at most. Possible that the situation is resolved with a "sore common means joy?".
Meanwhile, to calm a bit 'waters, Jobs got custody Bumper at all until September 30. Those who have already bought may claim a refund. Many people, however,

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Letter Mann and Top Gear Makes Fun of Apple

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Apple, which for years has been a banner design and recognized electronics company that attracts now involuntarily spirited comments.
This is especially Steve Jobs 's remark that one could solve antenna problems to help keep iPhone 4 in a particular way that has gotten people to smile.
The U.S. talk show king David Letterman Mann has made his infamous top ten list of signs of how you discover that you have purchased a bad iPhone.
The British bilprogram Top Gear found according Ekstrabladet an opportunity to make fun of Apple as host Jeremy Clarksom to present test driver " The Stig ".

Skype Announces SDK Beta for Mac SkypeKit

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Skype recently announced the release of new SkypeKit Beta Software Development Kit ( SDK) for developers desktop. The kit is compatible with Windows computers and Mac OS XAnd will implement the functionality of video, voice chat and Skype directly from within any desktop application without requiring the download of Skype software.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Citrix Uses the iPhone 4 as Thin Client Desktop

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Thin clients are the eternal promise of cloud computing , at least 15 years that we speak , but their spread is hard to take off, despite the hardware, software and especially the necessary broadband connectivity are now widely available .
In recent years Citrix has carved an important place among the solutions that to remote desktop applications residing on Windows servers , becoming the reference point in the enterprise.
Potential clients can run on Citrix thin client rather simple , the budget provides for a minimum hardware to 528 MHz ARM processor and RAM memory of 192 MB, although usually installed on the common PC.
These characteristics are largely overcome by the latest smartphones, so that the client application for iPhone is available on the App Store some time , although the best user experience you get on the wide touchscreen dell'iPad.

Newbies Can Now Create Apps for Android

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Search giant Google, which is one of the companies behind the mobile platform, Android, has just released a program to help people in the process of making applications to the operating system Android.
It writes New York Times.
The free software called Google App for Android Inventor, has been under development for a year.
Very young children and adolescents , including high school girls and nursing students, has tested the program, while Google has developed it. The target group is therefore very broad.
The idea behind the product is that mobiles are increasingly becoming people's primary computer. Therefore, users could create applications for themselves.
The tool allows people to drag and drop blocks of codes. They are shown as images , representing different options for smarthpones. The newspaper compares it to build with Lego.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nokia 6700 Slide: The New Firmware v33.014 Fixes Many Bugs

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New firmware for the Nokia 6700 slide, Economic Symbian smartphones sold by Nokia in the first months of this year.
Among the main novelties of the new Release v33.014:
  • correcting a problem of widgets mass storage ;
  • solved the problem with research in the contacts ;
  • solved the problem with the charge indicator ;
  • solved problems to restart the device while web browsing and streaming video ;
  • solved the problems of display screen saver mode ;
  • fixed some problems with the music player ;
  • Fixed a bug related to calls ;
  • solved the problem of switching off the phone while charging the battery.

Firmware Update for Nokia Terminals Muscali X6 and X3

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Does not stop even for the weekend the Finnish giant , having released several Firmware during the week. The lucky today, are two of the last musical devices Nokia, Namely the model with full touch screen capacitive Nokia X6 and Clamshell Nokia X3.
The update is the same for both numbered 21.0.004 and is available over the air than on NSU , brings several innovations that are summarized below as reported by NokiaUsers:
- Improvements to the addition of Kinetic scrolling and grid menu
- Browser updated to version 7.2.
- Added Rihanna music services .
- Quick Office 4.2 preinstalled.
- New OVI Music.
- New OVI Sync 2.0.
- New OVI Store 1.5.6.
- New OVI contacts 1.50.8 .
- Added game Gimlet Touch 2.2.
- Updated Flashlite 3.1.7.x for playing videos.
- Shazam preinstalled.
- Added Swipe the bar in the UI block alarms
- Better support for Windows Device Stage 7 Support.

Friday, July 9, 2010

YouTube Ready with Updated Mobile Page

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In connection with the launch of YouTube Lean Back, which is Google's TV interface , Google has chosen to update the regular mobile version of the page. Initially there is only an update on the American side , but Google plans to continue the rollout of other local versions in the coming months.
Touch- optimized interface 
The updated page has been markedly better appearance and improved interface , optimized specifically for touch screens . Since also feels much faster than before and there are broadly no waiting times when you have to load pages and videos.

Best Graphics Cards For The Money

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"This month, we discuss the new GDDR5-based versions of the Radeon HD 5550 and 5570, the disappearance of Nvidia's GeForce 9600 GT, and almost-universal price drops across the GeForce GTX 400-series line.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sony: Watch our Rivals Go Next-Gen First

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There is strong predication by Sony that either Microsoft or Nintendo will launch new gaming console soon. Shuhei Yoshida Sony Worldwide Studios Boss said that the new consoles will jump into the market before the release of Playstation 4.
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Google Makes Use of YouTube to iPhone Obsolete

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What is the difference between the new mobile site YouTube native YouTube application on each iPhone? From today , the Web version is unbelievably better : this is what YouTube and Google promise.
The mobile site , currently only in English, brings many new features ( already present in the desktop version ), all designed to accommodate the growing number of YouTube users on the move. Andrey Doronichev , a mobile team product manager of YouTube , said that 100 million videos are viewed daily by phone.
The videos you find on opening presents the new YouTube mobile , looking at a few moments in particular , we note that at 0:09 seconds is selected the icon YouTube for iPhone, but will open the Safari browser , to prove that which is defined as "the full YouTube experience“.

Android 2.2 Internet Browser Trumps iPhone 4

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When Google introduced Android projected at 2.2 Conference Google I / O back in May, was one of the talking today that there had been used much force to make the Web browser in the new Android version better. Actually , they alleged that the Web browser in Android 2.2 , the fastest mobile browser on the market. It was good enough before the iPhone 4 with the new IOS four were presented , they can also release the latest gadget from Apple?
The site technica set out to investigate this by testing the speed of execution of JavaScript that can be said to be quite important for a good browser experience , one in the Nexus One with Google Android 2.2 and Apple iPhone 4 with IOS 4 And the result was not to be mistaken.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nokia OVI Top 5 Applications

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Here are the top 5 Apps of Nokia OVI store. Download and enjoy

  1. Crazy Penguin Catapult 2 Demo
  2. Motion Speed
  3. Air Hockey Touch
  4. Guitar Hero 5
  5. Solitaire Touch

HTC Exceeds All Expectations

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HTC have now many years had a significant prosperity and is now one of the major smartphone manufacturers that are noticed . But HTC is probably even greater. At least judging by their latest accounts.
Exceeds Own Expectations 
HTC 's financial statements for the second quarter is now published and it is quite impressive to say the least . HTC had even expected a profit in the three months to 9.5 billion crowns, but this figure was proved wrong. They managed : to achieve a turnover of just over 11 billion crowns.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Firefox for N900, Release 1.1 Now Available

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Good news for owners Nokia N900. Firefox has finally released the fact Version 1.1 porting of its famous , after a ' waiting dragged on for almost a bit ' too long.
Among the biggest news of this release 1.1 , whose main objective is to increase the usability of the application , include:
  • the use of portrait mode to the rotation of the phone ;
  • a new management system click on the display, which allows to launch links , press button and select text fields more easily ;
  • the improvement of filling in the forms , which now includes auto ;
  • a redesigned start page ;
  • auto-update add-ons ;
  • opening links in a new tab and the ability to save images , thanks to the new context menus ;
  • a new theme ;
  • improving the menu of the site;
  • the ability to use the volume keys to control the zoom ;
  • saving pages in PDF format ;
  • Automatic bug reporting , if a crash .

Monday, July 5, 2010

Apple : iPhone 4 's Signal is Worse than you Think

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iPhone 4 has the best signal reception of all iPhones with the new and brilliantly conceived exterior antenna. It believes Apple and Steve Jobs at least according to the large-scale presentation of the new iPhone once a month ago. Yet many experienced that it is losing the signal when you hold it in a certain way.
But there is no reason to panic , according to Apple. They have found this problem to be addressed in a timely update. But the problem is probably not what most think it is.
Weaker than you think
According to Apple , the problem is that the iPhone displays too many bars in signal strength.

Gamers are Happy in Slices

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Old habits take time to change . A survey shows that people who play console games still prefer to have a physical media for their games - although gradually download services on most platforms.
The British study asked players on Xbox , Wii and PlayStation on their preferences. The entire 64 percent said they would prefer to buy games if they are on a physical disk rather than a digital copy .
Players are therefore different from other media consumers. For example, only 45 percent replied that the respondents that they prefer to buy music on physical discs rather than, say digital downloads.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Google Android 3.0 Gives an Overtaking

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Google continues to provide a good cook in saucepan with Android. They have already released two new versions this year , Android 2.1 and 2.2 , and soon we can expect another . And there should be a major update.
Completely New Interface
Android that goes under the code name Gingerbread , and seems to get the version number 3.0 , get a completely new and updated interface , which accords well with the rumors, we 've heard before. According Murtazin to the new interface to recall it, we 've seen in the new three-dimensional image in Android 2.1.

Creating Documents Office Word , Excel and PowerPoint on BlackBerry , with the SmartBDocs

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Just the other day we reported the excellent offer Documents To Go PremiumThe productivity suite Office devices BlackBerry. Given the outlay required ( assessed through the trial ) , we take the suggestion of BBWorld that in this hot weekend indicates an interesting application .
It's called SmartBDocs, New product QuiteSimple ( remember that for good SmartBBattery and SmartBCalendar) nientepopodimeno allows the creation of files in the standard native Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Its operation does not know it , since this is not a trial , but we can tell you its price : 80 cents. guaranteed compatibility with all the firmware: from 4.2 to 6.0 also on Smartphones touchscreen.

Friday, July 2, 2010

LG Opened its App Store

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LG Electronics decided to throw himself seriously and with greater commitment to market applications for their mobile terminals . The South Korean company opened its App store is completely renovated , with more than 3,000 applications designed for smartphones and future mobile company .
The number of applications available has been doubled and changes were made to the store for a more simple and intuitive , with more attention to phones that will come.
Towards the end of this year , LG will begin offering applications designed to be used Android while currently only available for mobile applications Windows Mobile. The company has declared its intention to satisfy the demand of the growing number of users Android, thinking of special applications.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Rumors on

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Many were expecting him to WWDC but Steve Jobs did not announce anything like it. Yet rumors, assumed the name of a cloud computing service for iTunes , you are off. In short, if Apple bought Lala basically there is a reason .
Today 's blog Boy Genius Report seems to have fresh news about this cloud computing service . Apple speak broadly of sources , but is a blog that once gave us some satisfaction in terms of advances. Here they are , according to Boy Genius Report , the capabilities of this new service Apple
  • We load our library on Apple's servers to be able to listen to our music and see our streaming video without having to fill the hard drive of your computer or your
  • Updates for the iPhone and Waze Navigator (release) on BlackBerry

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    The popular free program GPS Navigation, Waze, is updated yet to support new mobile platforms . This is a simple program to create and use maps road maps to share later with others.
    The difference with the traditional navigators , lies the fact social to share valuable information such as traffic, accidents , etc. . The new version iPhone now supports the system IOS 4, with supplemental features multitasking and a number of extras to connect with social networks most common .
    The second novelty is the official landing on App World making Waze easily downloadable from any device BlackBerry. The program is compatible also with the major platforms: Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android and of course the iPhone and BlackBerry.

    Microsoft Abandons Phone for Social Networking

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    In April came Microsoft with its new smartphone Kin are closely integrated with social networking . The new phone is a result of Microsoft's acquisition of Sidekick - producer Danger in 2008. But now, just two months after the launch , Microsoft has decided to drop Kin . The planned European launch this autumn has been canceled and the entire development team has moved over to Windows 7 Phone , which must ensure that the main ideas and technologies from Kin flows into future versions of the platform.

    Microsoft launched in April two versions of the phone, Kin Kin One and Two, where the latter has a larger screen and larger keyboard.