Thursday, July 15, 2010

Letter Mann and Top Gear Makes Fun of Apple

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Apple, which for years has been a banner design and recognized electronics company that attracts now involuntarily spirited comments.
This is especially Steve Jobs 's remark that one could solve antenna problems to help keep iPhone 4 in a particular way that has gotten people to smile.
The U.S. talk show king David Letterman Mann has made his infamous top ten list of signs of how you discover that you have purchased a bad iPhone.
The British bilprogram Top Gear found according Ekstrabladet an opportunity to make fun of Apple as host Jeremy Clarksom to present test driver " The Stig ".
Then of course blender manufacturer Blend Tech's classic " Will it blend "- now with iPhone 4th The video makes fun of the whole affair in which an Apple employee lost the prototype of a bar , selling German beer.
Watch the videos below.

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