Monday, July 19, 2010

Windows 7 Phone is a Dead Herring

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We have unfortunately not yet even been able to take a closer look at Windows 7 Phone. A foreign site, believe that Microsoft's new operating system is hopeless.
Back in February Microsoft presented their brand new and different operating system Windows Phone seventh There are virtually no similarities with the old Windows Mobile operating systems, and the interface is known as Metro- interface, which Microsoft also makes use of the acclaimed media player Zune. But an early assessment of Windows 7 Phone is mildly not so good.
Wasting Time and Money
Galen Gruman from the site InfoWorld had a longer presentation of Windows 7 Phone at Developer Conference Mobile Beat, and he is not to say the least enthusiastic about what he saw:
Windows 7 Phone is a waste of time and money. It is a platform no operator, producer, developer or user should bother with. Microsoft should kill it before it reaches the market, and admit that they are out of the mobile market forever, Gruman writes.
Cumbersome Interface
He was not much for the new interface , built by so-called tiles instead of application shortcuts , and writes that it is too cumbersome to navigate around in. He even writes that Windows 7 Phone seems like something that Microsoft has developed as competitor to the original iPhone from 2007 , let alone have seen that the mobile world has moved on since then.
We have , as I say not yet even been able to see Windows 7 Phone an overhaul, but personally I doubt however that it is as bad as it is described here.
Source: InfoWorld
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