Sunday, July 18, 2010

Apple Will Sell iPhone 4 Redesigned in October?

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The part of the keynote that I like most is the questions from the press. Although very rich in ideas , usually is never covered by the blog theme . This time , when press conference by Apple to clarify issues relating to the reception, I take this occasion to focus attention on a question, and particularly on its response.
A colleague Bloomberg Connie has asked Steve Jobs: " Why September 30, 2010 as the deadline ? "and the answer was the CEO "We're just waiting and seeing , perhaps we could have better ideas. It 's just a way to re-evaluate it in September."
Bumper iPhone 4 free for those will be only until September 30 . It ' possible that Apple has already solved the problem of the antenna with a slight redesign of the design (perhaps internal only ).
 At this point it is just empty the stores of all the models already produced. What do you think ? And ' likely?
[Via 9to5Mac]
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